A Cultural Strategy for Calderdale

Culture means different things to different people.
Our conversations give a broad and inclusive definition:

  • The activities we enjoy and places we visit – art, craft, design, dance, drama, film, heritage buildings, museums, singing, libraries, literature, performance, and much more.
  • From everyday culture and creativity, it includes the food we cook, clothing we wear, stories we tell or music we listen to.
  • It celebrates our history and traditions across all our communities, from Brighouse to Todmorden, Pace-Egging to Eid.
  • It can be experienced as a viewer, participant, or maker.


Each and every person has culture and creativity woven into the fabric of their lives – whatever their age – to delight and inspire happier, healthier lives.

Every community is empowered to grow and sustain its own cultural capacity, bringing to life the unique identity of each place and community.

The cultural sector inspires creative and regenerative actions to build a sustainable future.

Businesses and visitors are attracted by the vibrancy of the cultural offer, strong sense of identity and creative possibilities.

The sector – its people and organisations – is invested in so that it flourishes and plays a unique, dynamic and effective role in wider society.

How we got here

Wild moors, beautiful woodland, side valleys, dramatic landscapes, people, stoicism, dark gallows humour, hardy to whatever is thrown at them.

Ben Myers

We see creativity flowing through every part of Calderdale’s diverse cultural landscape, inspiring and empowering us all to live rich and transformative lives.